Mollie King Just Told Me Exactly How She Gets Such Glowy Skin

At this stage in my life there are two things that I'm looking for when it comes to my skin: breakouts that I can keep in check (no blemishes at all would be ideal, but I'm a realist) and luminosity. The first is very much a constant work in progress, but I've curated a pretty reliable edit of acne products that I can rely on at this point. As for the second? Well, I have a list of celebrities and facialists as long as my arm that I follow religiously for their radiant skin recommendations. But while the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez have always been on my radar, there's been a recent addition to my list of celebs to keep an eye on: Mollie King.

One-fifth of Brit girl group The Saturdays and now a BBC Radio 1 presenter, Mollie's Instagram is a treasure trove of high-street outfits and major skin inspiration. So when I heard that she had teamed up with Foreo, one of my favourite skincare tool brands, I couldn't wait to chat with the lady herself.

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Interestingly, though, Foreo's aptly named new campaign—Boost Your Glow—is about way more than how radiant our skin looks on the surface. The brand conducted a survey to find out about the social media habits of the nation and the results were, frankly, shocking. About 61% of women admitted to "compare and despair" syndrome (where they regularly compare their appearance to others on social media), and a third of women admitted to feeling down about their appearance after scrolling through social media.

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"In a world where everything is now posted on social media it's no surprise to me to hear that there is increased pressure on women and men for perfection," said Mollie. "It's great that Foreo is shining a light on this, and through their Boost Your Glow campaign for the Luna Mini 3 are giving women access to advice on how to feel more confident and better manage our experiences with social media. For me, the most important thing to remember is there's no such thing as perfection—it's all about embracing the skin you're in."

Mollie King Skincare: Mollie with Foreo Luna Mini 3



So with that in mind, keep scrolling to find out how Mollie deals with days when she doesn't feel that confident in her own skin and the products that she reaches for to boost glow in real life (rather than relying on an Instagram filter).

Mollie's skin journey

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"I've always had combination skin—and in my teenage years, I really struggled with acne," Mollie revealed. "I feel really lucky that I managed to grow out of it in my early twenties, but I take skincare really seriously and look after myself the best I can. It's all about using the right products for you and keeping hydrated."

Not only will this reusable water bottle keep you well-hydrated from the inside throughout the day but it comes with an innovative water-based lip balm on the lid to keep your pout hydrated all day too.

Mollie on feeling skin confident

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"I definitely find that with my job at Radio 1 and working really early mornings, sometimes I don't get enough sleep, which can really affect my skin," said Mollie. "I often find that my skin can look super-tired and dehydrated very quickly. I find that a lot of skin appearance is down to a good night's sleep, so I try to take care of it the best I can by using lots of specialist skin products. I also love to treat myself every now and again to a facial, which I find really helps too."

Just like Mollie, The Nue Co believe that a good night's sleep is as important to your skin health as your diet. This blend of chamomile, passionflower and valerian root can be added to your bedtime drink to help calm the senses and enable you to drift off more easily.

Mollie's skincare routine

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"I make sure I remove my makeup every night—I could never go to bed with it on," exclaimed Mollie. "I use a good cleanser and my Foreo Luna Mini 3. I've always been a massive fan of Foreo and have been using the Luna products for a number of years. It's so great for exfoliating and cleansing and makes such a huge difference. I've found that my skin really has changed for the better since using the Luna Mini 3 specifically. It looks much brighter and less dull. I think it's helped clear any clogged pores too. I also always apply a moisturiser and eye cream morning and night. Once a week, I try to put oil on my skin before bedtime just to help brighten my skin."

This cream-to-foam cleanser works well in conjunction with Foreo's cleansing devices to lift away dirt, grime and makeup from deep within your pores.

Foreo's new hi-tech electric face cleanser hooks up to an app on your phone so that you can customise your cleansing experience. Plus, it has a 30-second Glow Boost mode when you want your skin to look more luminous fast.

If you have combination skin like Mollie, then this lightweight moisturiser will brighten without clogging pores or feeling too heavy.

Replenish moisture and illuminate the skin for more wide-awake eyes.

A 100% natural blend of antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients to balance skin and restore glow. Ideal for a weekly skin boost like Molly advises.

Mollie's Top Tips for Glow

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"My essentials for glow include the Foreo Luna Mini 3, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and a Murad Cleanser," said Mollie. "For makeup, it's the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and an Estée Lauder Highlighter."

"Find a good moisturiser and you can't go wrong," said Mollie of this cult formula from Charlotte Tilbury.

"I can’t live without a cleanser," said Mollie. Murad is her brand of choice for cleansing formulations, and this one is a beautiful gel-to-oil texture that delivers a dose of good bacteria to the skin.

"I find this is super helpful to use as a primer or even if you just wanted clear skin without putting foundation on," Mollie explained.

Mollie's Advice for Embracing Your Skin

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"My advice for women struggling to embrace their real skin would be to remember that everyone has their good days and bad days. No one has perfect skin," explained Mollie. "Try to focus on good days and remember everyone has their own insecurities and to not let it affect your everyday life. I think it's time we all championed each other but also not forgetting to champion ourselves."

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