Public Service Announcement: I've Just Discovered a Totally New Dress Trend

In case you didn't know, 2019 has been a year of It dresses. But just when we thought we'd seen every frock iteration going, we've only gone and unearthed a completely new trend. What can we say? We are professionals. Lately, we've noticed a rise in the number of mixed-print dresses in the various new-in sections we frequent. And now that we've pointed it out, we can't stop seeing them everywhere we click.

Rixo was arguably the first to kick off the trend (it has been creating mixed-print dresses since its conception), but now brands on both the high-street and designer circuits have started designing their own iterations. Undeniably fresh and fun, mixed-print dresses also work hard to enhance your natural frame. If you're petite and yearn to look taller, a vertically patched style will help with that. Busty? Try one of Rixo's dresses with a darker bodice and lighter skirt (trust me—I'm a 32G, so I know what works).

Regardless, it's time to add a mixed-print dress to your wardrobe if there isn't one handing there already. Keep scrolling to see some of the best Instagram looks featuring the frock, and then proceed to shop our favourite mixed-print dresses.



Grece Ghanem wears her mixed-print dress with chunky trainers. 



Monikh Dale wears her mixed-print dress with a basket bag and flat Velcro-strap sandals. 

A Topshop personal stylist wears one of the brand's mixed-print dresses.