If You're as Indecisive as I Am, You'll Love Summer's Biggest Nail Trend

For me, getting my nails done is a big deal—it's a treat, not an everyday occurrence. When it comes to looking after my nails, for most of the year, it's a case of a quick trim-and-file, a base coat and a couple layers of whatever colour floats my boat that day. The colour stays on for a few days till it's inevitably chipped; then I remove it and leave my nails bare for weeks till I can be bothered to start the process again.

Which is why when I've paid to go to a nail salon to get my nails done by a professional, I tend to panic. Choosing the wrong shade of polish for your own at-home manicure is one thing, but opting for a hue that you don't love when it's going to be sealed with gel on your nails for the next few weeks (and set you back £40) is a whole different ball game.

Mismatched nail trend: Nnenna Echem wearing lilac, mint and pink nails



Luckily, though, I've spotted a new nail trend modelled by our fashion friends and style icons that might mean my indecisiveness is no bad thing. Yes, it looks like the way to wear your nails this summer is going to be entirely mismatched. The days of choosing just one polish are over, and the days of "the more, the merrier" are here. I, for one, am thrilled.

"These looks have been all over Instagram over the last couple of months," explained Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of Townhouse, my favourite nail salon in London. "This trend is so customisable and the look is fresh—just at a time when summer has arrived and colour is everywhere. There's also one huge benefit of this look. You can have fun rediscovering and mismatching all those varnish bottles lost at the back of your drawer!"

Keep scrolling for the best takes on the mismatched nail trend that I've spotted so far.

The Grown-Up Rainbow

Make like Grace and mix your pastels with bolder hues like tomato red and forest green for an unexpected colour palette.

Mismatched nail trend: Megan Ellaby wearing rainbow nails



"The most popular looks have been muted/pastel hues (like pinks, blues and greys) and brighter tones of red, pink and coral for an added colour kick," explained Huber-Millet.

The Colour Scale

Mismatched nails doesn't have to mean opting for the brightest shades available. Instead, why not stick to one colour family? Emily's neutral mani uses tones of beige, camel and chocolate brown for a chic ombré effect.

Green nails continue to be spotted all over Instagram. This is a cute tonal take on the trend.

The Pastel Duo

The two shade mix-and-match mani is definitely having a moment (heck, even Harry Styles was spotted with it on his nails). Go for two sorbet shades or poppy pastels for real summer 2019 vibes.

Mismatched nail trend: Harry Styles pastel nails



"A more subtle way to wear this trend is going for two different but complementary colours like pastel lilac and yellow. It still shouts of creativity, but it's professional enough not to look out of place at work," said Huber-Millet.

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