8 Genius Style Lessons We’ve Learned From Miroslava Duma

Though inspiration is iterative and style falls into categories, we can honestly say there is no one else in the world with Miroslava Duma’s personal style. The Russian fashion editor and street style muse embodies a unique mix of avant-garde, ladylike, sophisticated, and ornamental that has landed her a permanent place as a modern fashion icon in the eyes of the sartorial elite. To understand just how she nails it out of the park with every single outfit, we spent some time studying Duma’s looks and came up with a few mantras she seems to live by. If you’re as obsessed with Duma’s style as we are, or just want a few fresh tips for dressing like the consummate It-girl, click through for eight genius lessons we’ve learned from Duma’s style.

A Black Single-Sole Sandal Goes With EVERYTHING.


Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Duma proves that a black single-sole sandal is arguably the most versatile heel ever, pairing with everything from skinny jeans to pleated skirts and body-hugging dresses. Need more evidence to invest in a pair? Rihanna wears the style just as often as Duma.

A Jacket Draped Over Your Shoulders ALWAYS Looks Chic.


The Urban Spotter

When in doubt, follow one of Duma’s tried-and-true styling moves and drape a jacket, or sweater for that matter, over your shoulders for an unstudied yet polished effect.

Coordinate Your Coat and Shoe Colours.


Vanessa Jackman

For an unexpected styling trick, coordinate the colours, patterns, and accent colours in your coat and shoes.

Matching Suit Sets Look Fresh in Primary Colours.


Vanessa Jackman

A matching suit set can feel dated, but in bright, primary colours and broken up by a basic top (a simple shirt or white oxford) a la Duma, the look is fresh again. 

Monochrome is Cool.


Vanessa Jackman

Three words: all (insert colour here) everything. Wearing one colour head to toe works when the pieces involved are structural, to prevent the ensemble from appearing too one-dimensional.

OTK Boots Work With Skinny Jeans.

If you were unsure as to whether over-the-knee boots can be worn over skinny jeans, Duma has the answer—yes. Copy her lead and balance the streamlined bottom half with an oversized sweater for a more proportional look.

A Top-Handle Satchel Completes Any Look.


Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Sure, it certainly helps if the top-handle satchel in question is the Hermés Birkin bag, but the look of any top-handle satchel is feminine, classy, and chic.

Your Coat Can Be Your Outfit.


Style Du Monde

This might be our favourite one yet: A statement coat can serve as the focus single item in a one-piece ensemble. Seriously, who even knows (or cares) if there are clothes underneath? It’s not important. All you need is a killer coat and shoes, and your outfit is done.

Which of these tips is your favourite? Tell us if you have a favourite ensemble of Miroslava Duma’s too!

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