Miranda Kerr's Main Factor in Deciding What to Wear

Miranda Kerr gave a bit of insight to People last week as to how she plans her outfits for her jet-setting lifestyle. Spending the majority of her time in Los Angeles, New York, and Australia, the supermodel requires variety in her wardrobe due to the major differences between the locations. She says of the change in her style when travelling, “In New York, I feel like anything goes. In L.A., it’s definitely a lot more casual. In New York, I love to dress up for the winter season and really embrace the layers and have over-the-knee boots, where if I wore that in Malibu, people would think I was crazy.” She also has a footwear style of choice when in Malibu: “So in Malibu, I try to keep it really simple. I honestly wear a lot of tights and sneakers. Australia is also very quite relaxed.” Kerr’s strategy is simple: Let your location guide your outfit decisions.

Scroll down to see Kerr’s style in the three cities that she discusses, and shop a few of her staples!

Los Angeles:


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New York:






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