What Meeting Miranda Kerr Taught Me About Life and Style

"We've met before!" These were Miranda Kerr's first words when I met her to discuss her latest project, a holiday-themed jewellery collection for Swarovski. In a room filled with other journalists, Kerr, for whatever reason, had singled me out, convinced that this was not our first encounter.

Although I've never been particularly overwhelmed by the aura of celebrity, I found myself suddenly—nervously—at rapt attention. "No, I don't think so," I told her, wondering if the countless magazine covers, campaigns, and stories I'd seen starring the supermodel had actually been some sort of mysteriously shared experience. Was that Us Weekly I’d browsed at the airport actually a moment between Miranda and me?

I’d have to settle for never knowing, but Kerr wouldn't give up, staring at me with a look that implied I was messing with her and it was time to fess up. I had nothing to offer, but it was difficult to fully let her down. You see, even to a female of the straight variety like myself, her perfectly symmetrical features and unexpectedly casual demeanour were pretty mesmerising. “It must have been in a past life,” Kerr half-joked, and I conceded. It must have been, I now believed.

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