If You Hate Fluoro, You'll Love These Minimalist Sports Brands

I'm a strong believer in finding workout gear you genuinely love and feel good in. Otherwise, how are you going to get the motivation to do the exercise? It's a rule I stick to. Now, over the past few years, there's been a real influx of bold, brightly coloured workout gear, and you know what? Not everyone's on board. If you're all about the pared-back, minimalist aesthetic out of the gym, you're probably all about that vibe when you're on the treadmill too. So if you're not a fan of fluoro and leopard print, which brands can you turn to for a simple workout look? 

minimalist workout gear



I know plenty of brands that cater to this style. There's newer brand Ernest Leoty (set up by a French woman), which offers a muted palette of colours. Then there's Girlfriend Collective, whose grey biker shorts are on my list of new running clothes to buy. But it's not just more expensive, luxe brands. The high street, including Arket and H&M, is also catering to this demand. The real bonus about all these pieces is that you can totally wear them outside of exercising, and they'll blend much more seamlessly into your daily wardrobe. Keep scrolling for my edit.

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