What Pared-Back Style Really Looks Like in 2015

From Comme des Garçons’ gender-neutral designs in the 80s to Calvin Klein’s 90s championing of clean lines and neutral palettes, the state of minimalist fashion has always ebbed and flowed with the change of social tides. A present-day click through any street style gallery shows that modern minimalism wears a slightly different face than in years past. Thanks to style anomalies like normcore, the reemergence of 90s-inspired shapes and brands (we’re talking to you, Levi’s), and designers like Phoebe Philo and the Olsens who have effortlessly finessed the term, this stripped-down look feels aspirational in every sense of the word. 

So what are the “new rules,” so to speak? Great fabrics, immaculate tailoring, and interesting proportions are all characteristic of this new wave of classicism. Scroll down for examples of how to achieve the look, and stock up on our favourite minimalist essentials at the end!