Mindy Kaling: The Stylish Petite Celeb All Short Girls Have Been Waiting for

From The Office to The Mindy Project to A Wrinkle in Time and Ocean's 8, Mindy Kaling's career has skyrocketed. Actress, writer, author, producer… you name it, she's on top of it—all while recently welcoming her first child, Katharine. Naturally, Mindy's wardrobe has undergone a similar evolution. While the star has never been shy of colour, her latest run of fashion highs has ranged from bright shades and bold graphic prints to sleek monochromatic looks. And there's no doubt the 5'3" star's style will inspire other petite women.

Thanks to a little help from red carpet stylist Cristina Ehrlich and The Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Pérez Jr, Mindy is a pro at dressing for the limelight and embracing key statement pieces—whether she's at the Met Gala, a press junket or just heading out to dinner.