Exclusive: Actress Millie Brady Talks Red Carpet Prep

British actress Millie Brady is a very important young face to watch in 2016. She's already graced the cover of Tatler magazine, enjoyed a modelling career and been scooped up by Miu Miu as the latest up-and-coming actress to star in one of their famously influential ad campaigns. Last year she made her debut FROW appearance thanks to the fashion house, but it was last night that marked a particularly important night in this 21-year-old's journey.

"The first premiere I attended was Legend [in 2015], however due to my role being smaller I didn’t need to do the whole red carpet and interviews. I consider this Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as my first full premiere experience," Millie told Who What Wear UK last night from London's Leicester Square, where the major movie was launched.

Millie let us in on this career highlight—keep scrolling to see her behind-the-scenes pics and read our exclusive chat…


David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Millie Brady in a Miu Miu embellished gown.


David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Hermione Corfield, Ellie Bamber, Suki Waterhouse, Millie Brady, Bella Heathcote and Lily James lined up at the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies premiere in London last night.


Courtesy of Premier Model Management

A close up on Millie's smoky eye.

Who What Wear UK: How does this big premiere experience make you feel?

Millie Brady: Legend was exciting as it was my first dip into this world, but I’m feeling much more relaxed this time around now as I know what to expect. It feels great to film alongside a good team, and as we have worked together before on other projects it’s always good to have everyone back together and to celebrate!

WWW UK: What do you do to get ready for a night like tonight?

MB: I actually always use Justine Jenkins for makeup, she just knows what I like, what suits me and is an amazing artist. I tend to get my hair done professionally before a big event but I like to keep things simple and understated. As a young actress, I feel less is more. 


Courtesy of Premier Model Management

Millie with her favourite makeup artist, Justine Jenkins.


Courtesy of Premier Model Management

The gorgeous Miu Miu embellishment and pleating in detail.

WWW UK: And tell us about your drop-dead-amazing dress, please!

MB: I chose the floor length Miu Miu gown as I loved the detail, but what really sold this dress to me is how it moves when I walk. It has an inbuilt corset and flows from the waist down—it’s perfect for the red carpet and different to anything I’ve worn before. It’s always good to switch things up.

WWW UK: Is it scary for young actresses to decide on what to wear when everyone in the world has an instant opinion?

MB: I feel very fortunate that so far in my career I have been able to work with such great brands such as Miu Miu who embody my own personal style and continue to support me in my career. I absolutely love wearing their dresses!


Miu Miu

Millie Brady in Miu Miu's spring 2016 campaign.

WWW UK: What went through your head when Miu Miu asked you to be in the campaign? They have such an incredible history of picking the very best new names who always go onto very big things…

MB: It was a complete surprise and such an honour to be asked as they’ve historically used up-and-coming actresses that I’ve looked up to in the past such as Lea Seydoux, Lupita Nyong’o and Hailey Benton-Gates. I feel like being part of a Miu Miu campaign is a rite of passage and I’m blessed to have been part of it.



Millie heading to the front row of Miu Miu's show in Paris.

WWW UK: Do you ever get influenced by the costumes on set for your own wardrobe?

MB: I always feel influenced by my hair and makeup when I’m on set. For example, if I’m casting for a '60s movie, I’ll do a flick eyeliner. In everyday life I’d describe my style as relaxed, maybe a bit bohemian. I tend to be quite understated day to day but I love getting dressed up for an event. Normally though I stick to vintage bits and complement with a statement bag.

WWW UK: Would you say your modelling experience has played a big part on set?

MB: Absolutely, many see modelling as another form of acting so I definitely think they can go hand in hand. It definitely has helped in terms of how I move in front of the camera, stage prescence, confidence etc.

WWW UK: Does it help when it comes to posing on the red carpets?

MB: Absolutely!

Well, we can't wait to see more red carpet and fashion week action from this lady. Scroll down to get your own Miu Miu fix…

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