Exclusive: Actress Millie Brady Talks Red Carpet Prep

British actress Millie Brady is a very important young face to watch in 2016. She's already graced the cover of Tatler magazine, enjoyed a modelling career and been scooped up by Miu Miu as the latest up-and-coming actress to star in one of their famously influential ad campaigns. Last year she made her debut FROW appearance thanks to the fashion house, but it was last night that marked a particularly important night in this 21-year-old's journey.

"The first premiere I attended was Legend [in 2015], however due to my role being smaller I didn’t need to do the whole red carpet and interviews. I consider this Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as my first full premiere experience," Millie told Who What Wear UK last night from London's Leicester Square, where the major movie was launched.

Millie let us in on this career highlight—keep scrolling to see her behind-the-scenes pics and read our exclusive chat…