Miley Cyrus, in Disguise, Finds Out What People Really Think of Her


LOL: Miley Cyrus went undercover and asked random people on the street what they think of... Miley Cyrus. [The Fashion Spot]

Remember when: Pro hockey player Sean Avery is just now recalling how strange his internship at Vogue was. [Racked]

All hail the queen: Taylor Swift received nine VMA nominations for this weekend's awards show. Here are her nine best red carpet moments to celebrate. [Vogue]

Whoa: How one little phrase helped an editor overcome all her career fears and hesitations. [MyDomaine]

Aww: Model Karlie Kloss made two teenagers' dreams come true by giving them Make-A-Wish makeovers. [YouTube]

The numbers are in: Here's how many calories your favourite workouts really burn. [Byrdie]

LOL: Marc Jacobs proves he has a sense of humour about himself with his latest T-shirt design. [Fashionista]

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