37 Really "Extra" Street Style Looks Straight From Milan Fashion Week

Lights, camera, action! Milan's stylish crowds are not shy when it comes to debuting their new-season clothes. If you're after a full Gucci look, a riot of colour and prints or an all-out madly luxurious getup, then this is the fashion mecca for you. The runway shows in Italy have fired up following London Fashion Week, and the industry is in place to showcase the most outré autumn outfit ideas.

From Candela in a royal-blue satin gown with sneakers to Eleonora in jumbo leopard print and Tiffany in one of many jazzy jumpsuits she owns, we've cherrypicked the most "look at me" ensembles from the city's best dressed. These looks will make you take a break from reality and become immersed in the fantastical world of Milanese style. Forget minimalism—Italian ladies know maximalism is in.

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