The Spanish Shoe Brand That's Taking All My Money

Shoes, Spanish fashion, designer quality at more affordable price points: Those are three things we’re always happy to embrace here at Who What Wear, and it’s even better when they come in one pretty little package. Miista may or may not be a new brand to you—the label has been quietly building a reputation over the past seven years now—but its sudden ubiquity across Instagram is undeniable. As the fashion crowds increasingly favour uniqueness and individuality, niche footwear labels are leaving mass-produced high-street styles—and even ubiquitous designer pieces—in the shade.



Maria Bernad wearing Miista Carlotta Yellow Suede Boots (£235)

"Born amidst financial turmoil and technological globalisation, we're a brand for women in interesting times," explains Laura Villasenin, the brand's Galicia-born, East London–based founder. "Designed in London, handcrafted in Spain, transparent—these are elements that have not changed since day one. Well-constructed footwear requires planning, diligence and precision. To highlight our craftsmanship, we're extremely open with our customers throughout production, showing both the shoemaking process as well as people behind the handcrafting."

Lindsey Holland wearing Miista Carlotta Suede Boots (£235) available in Yellow

It's a process that has resulted in excellent statement designs you can wear on a daily basis as well as a devoted fan club that appreciates them. Some of our favourite influencers of the moment (like Maria Bernad) have been wearing Miista's creations all over the globe. And word has travelled fast: "It's easy to spot in our own stores daughters bringing their mothers or friends dragging their friends (or whole families) to introduce our brand," Laura tells us. "Our customer base is a small but a very tight community that grows organically."



Anne-Laure Mais wearing Miista Hope Plain Black Heels (£185/£93)

So what separates Miista from the rest? "Our shoes are wearable and bring together opposites in unusual, elegant ways through an informed marriage of design, material and craft," Laura adds. "We strive for quality of product at an attainable price, and as a smaller independent brand, we're working to grow in a way that preserves this balance whilst conserving the age-old traditions and culture of handcrafted footwear in Alicante, Spain. Besides this, we're irreverent and approachable, in an attempt to shake up the pretences of a self-important fashion market."

Alice Catherine wearing Miista Cybil Walnut Boots (£225)

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