These Are the "Skinny Jeans" for Generation Y

Ask any girl aged around the 30 mark how she feels about skinny jeans and she'll likely note that while drainpipes still have a place, it's a straight-cut silhouette that's the most relied-upon denim style in her wardrobe these days. But we're not talking about just any old straight cut—by this time in a one's life, one can get a bit picky when on the quest for flattering denim to wear day in and day out. So these "alt skinnies" will need to skim the ankles rather than bunch at them, and a higher waist is preferable for maximum muffin-top avoidance.

And when we say straight-cut, we also don't mean full-on '80s mom denim—rather, we're talking slim jeans that glide (not tightly hug) legs. One such holy-grail offering is M.i.h's Mimi style—and unsurprisingly, demand for them is reportedly doubling from A/W 17 into S/S 18. Based on a classic five-pocket vintage style (only tweaked and altered to sit more comfortably), the most popular wash is a retro-inspired light blue called Shan, but you'll now find this silhouette in various colourways and finishes to fulfil consumer needs.