19 Hairstyles That Prove Gen Z Are Right About the Excellence of the Middle Part

As a millennial beauty editor, I am often left a little confused (and sometimes infuriated) by some of the things I see on TikTok. Typically, messages that promote using lube as primer or using a banana to apply winged liner aren’t the sorts of things that fill beauty editors with confidence. 

However, when Gen Z took to TikTok earlier this year to brand side partings as “cheugy,” I wasn’t totally aghast. Personally, I think that flipping your hair over to the side is one of the simplest and most effective ways to elevate and volumise any look. However, I do have to agree that the middle part is a superior way to style your hair.

As someone who spent most of her adolescent life straightening her side-parted fringe and spraying can after can of Batiste into the roots to try to get some volume into my obscenely side-parted strands, I must admit that a middle part is the life for me. For starters, it’s versatile and suits every hair type and style out there. Second, it’s seriously low-maintenance, meaning you can just roll out of bed, let your hair do its own thing and still look great. If you don’t want to take my word for it, keep scrolling for 19 middle-part hairstyles for women that really do prove it’s an elite look.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @claire_most



If you ask me (and just about any hairstylist around), they'll tell you that the middle part is the most versatile style when it comes to hair textures. Whether your hair is naturally flat and straight or voluminous and curly, opting for a middle part is the best way to get the most out of your natural texture.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @rosiehw



While Rosie Huntington-Whiteley might be the queen of the bouncy blow-dry, that's not to say that a middle-parted, straight look isn't her vibe either. Keep hair full of shine and looking sleek with a nourishing hair oil like Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oil.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Alexa Chung



Everything about Alexa Chung's centre-parted bob is perfection, and I am living for the matching clips.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Ciara



Ciara is forever bringing her hair A game, and this look is no exception. A tightly pulled topknot with middle-parted face-framing strands is a fail-safe night-out look.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Jodie Comer



Celebrity hairstylist George Northwood recently told me that “barely there” hair is set to be a huge trend for 2022, and this middle-parted look from Jodie Comer sums the trend up perfectly. Loosely tousled waves and a bit of carefree texture. *Chef's kiss.*

Middle Part Hairstyles: Nina Sandbech



My hair is naturally very fine and straight, so I struggle to do much with it. This glossy look with subtle face-framing highlights is giving me all of the inspiration.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @misstpw



While Ciara's bun look was perfect for night's out, this take on the style makes for the perfect everyday updo. Simply throw your hair up in a bun or ponytail, leaving two sections at the front, and tong.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @lauraharrier



Yes, yes and yes times 1000 over to Laura Harrier's middle-parted look. The straightened lengths and flicked-under feathering is giving off some very chic '90s vibes.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @cassdimicco



Mid-length hairstyles are having a moment right now, and this centre-parted, honey-blonde style is front and centre on my inspiration board.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @jourdandunn



Jourdan Dunn's slicked-back, middle-parted ponytail is low-key hair at its finest. Reach for a super-hold gel and a dressing brush to keep baby hairs in place.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Sophie Turner



Sophie Turner's super-sleek look is urging me to to book in for a haircut ASAP.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @basicstouch



There's something wonderfully French about a low, twisted bun with free-falling strands—and it's even better when it's in a middle part.

A long, wavy look requires very minimal effort when it's styled into a middle parting, as expertly proven here.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Aimee Song



If your hair is long and thin and you find that wearing it in a middle parting isn't interesting enough, take note from fashion girls and tuck your lengths into your collar.

Kerry Washington proves that getting your braids done with a middle parting makes for the most versatile look. Whether you want to wear them down, twist them into a bun or pull them into a ponytail, you can’t go wrong with middle-parted braids.

Middle Part Hairstyles: @thatsaleaf



While we've already established that face-framing feathering looks great in a middle part, keeping the hair all one length so that it hangs in unison looks just as fabulous.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Felicity Jones



Proving that fringed cuts can also get a slice of the middle-part pie, Felicity Jones's retro curtain bangs are right on-trend.

Middle Part Hairstyles: Jodie Turner-Smith



If you haven’t already heard, bobs are set to be the biggest hairstyle around next year. Jodie Turner-Smith’s wavy, blunt bob is giving us all of the hair inspiration for 2022.

Margot, I salute you. This loosely waved, middle-parted look is giving me "just stepped off the beach and I'm ready for dinner" vibes. And I'm very much here for it.

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