I've Just Talked Myself Into These 14 Microtrends

For someone who spends much of her time trend-hunting, it's interesting how few trends actually translate, or find their way, into my own wardrobe. I often swerve the big ones (like the kind you'll find in our S/S19 trend report) not because I don't like them, or can't imagine myself wearing them, but I've been writing about them for so long already that I'm too bored to even go there. It's a shame, really—I'd like to feel enthusiastic about leopard print or be reaching for something to jolt my closet into the new, but I can't help gravitating towards those smaller, less obvious trends that are bubbling up.

Microtrends are my personal kryptonite—my wallet can buckle under their force—because there's something really exciting about owning an item that feels a little more unique than your average. Perhaps it's a vintage or secondhand piece that's taking off in my Insta circle (diamanté belts, currently) or a trend being sparked by a smaller startup brand (see the below penchant I'm now feeling due to a blouse from a niche French label). These are the trends outside of the trends, and they might just pique your interest too.