8 Micro-Trends That Won't Stay Secret for Long

Micro-trends = our speciality. And with the new season starting to make itself known in our wardrobes (hands up if you've already bought a pink jumper, tried out these new shoe styles, bookmarked a fresh coat or even thought about wearing tights), it's also time to start thinking outside of the obvious autumn/winter 2017 headliners and drill down into the little tweaks that make each and every one of your outfits more advanced.

From the styling trick you never thought you'd do with those favourite ankle boots through to the very Carrie Bradshaw–esque accessories that are having a moment (yes, she's still an #influencer), allow us to present the eight micro-trends that are already bubbling up for A/W 17. Keep reading to see these new ideas in action on the streets; then carry on to shop them for yourself.