I'm a Beauty Editor, and My Makeup Bag Is Worth £206—Here's What's in There

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s really inside the makeup bags of the most stylish women in the industry, you’re in luck. We’ve created a new beauty column, Show Me the (Makeup) Money, to uncover what beauty products our fashion friends genuinely keep in their daily rotation—and what their stash actually costs. I’ll be delving inside their bags on your behalf and totting up every item in there, from the most expensive to the cheapest. Not only will you be left with an incredible shopping list but a realistic price tag to boot. Is there someone whose makeup bag you’re dying to see inside? Slide into my Instagram DMs with your requests, and I'll see what I can do.

First up, I thought it was only fair that I put myself in the firing line—you know, lead by example and all that—so I emptied out my bag of daily beauty essentials for the rest of the Who What Wear office to scrutinise. Before we dive in, major disclaimer: What you're seeing here is the bare minimum when it comes to the products that make their way onto my face on a daily basis. Let's call it my minimalist makeup bag edit. Give me a weekend away, or even a night out, and its contents have the potential to double. (Hey, I am a beauty editor after all.) But, for now, let's dive into my everyday edit of makeup products. The total cost? A cool £206.