This Is What Happens at a Met Gala Fitting Inside the Vogue Offices

By now, chances are you've seen at least a handful of the red carpet pictures from the 2017 Met Gala, from Katy Perry in her red Maison Margiela veil to the Olsen twins in their bridal-inspired gowns. But just how much preparation goes on behind the scenes in the hours leading up to those few minutes spent in front of the photographers on the steps?

The annual event is overseen by Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue, and as well as making decisions about invitations, the institution can also play a part in what guests wear. Wendy Yu, the founder and CEO of Yu Capital (an investment fund launched to support fashion, lifestyle and tech enterprises), attended as a guest of Wintour's, and she is taking us inside of the halls of American Vogue (via her iPhone) to show what a Met Gala fitting is really like.

She has opened up her camera roll from 24 hours before the Met Gala, and her diary includes everything from her pregame breakfast to her shoe options and hair and makeup. So if your invite didn't quite make it this year, this is the next best thing. Scroll below to see a Met Gala fitting at the Vogue offices.