Shaming Meghan's Style as "Too Old" or "Too Boring" Is Old and Boring

Various media outlets—reputable fashion ones included—have recently implemented a volte-face on their feelings towards Meghan Markle’s wardrobe. While The Meghan Effect shows no sign of slowing (only a few weeks back did a pair of £160 “Meghan” jeans garner a 400-person waiting list), critics are not as convinced of her high-fashion powers as they were circa October 2017, aka the early engagement era. Apparently, some believe that the actress and soon-to-be royal has not lived up to the expectations we had of her as a beacon of fashion rebellion in the midst of a somewhat stuffy business: Where are the daring designs and flagrant disregards of protocol? Why is she dressing beyond her years, they ask? I say: What a load of tosh.