The "Princess Pose" Meghan Markle Uses in Photos

Between Meghan Markle’s latest outfit combinations, the “Meghan” jeans that gained a 400-person waiting list in under 24 hours and Gary Janetti’s latest Markle meme, the soon-to-be royal draws a fair share of our time these days. In our latest photo research binge, we not only revealed the elongating heels she wears on repeat but also caught onto the former actress’s go-to pose.

We’re dubbing it the “princess pose,” which, as you can see below, is quite easy to re-create. All you have to do is cross your feet right at the ankle, et voilà! This foolproof trick has been Markle’s secret since 2013, as you can see below, where the style muse is posing on the red carpet for the world premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in London. See all the proof ahead.