If Meghan Markle Went to M&S Today, She'd Buy These 9 Things

Meghan Markle Marks and Spencer


Getty Images PICTURED: Meghan wearing a Marks and Spencer Jumper

It was the fashion moment we were all waiting for: Proof that Meghan Markle shops in Marks and Spencer. She's recently been seen wearing a knit from the high-street store that cost a mere £45 (which sold out immediately), and we're of the opinion that this won't be the last time that the future royal will be finding fashion gems in the British shop. And because we want you to stay ahead of the game, we decided to look into our fashion crystal ball to come up with a list of pieces from the current M&S collection that we think she'd buy. Keep scrolling for the nine pieces we think Meghan Markle would get from Marks and Spencer…

We know already from Meghan's style that she's a fan of smart pieces like this.

As proven by her engagement photos, Meghan loves a bit of sheer. 

Classic pieces with a twist are really what define Meghan's style. Let's hope she opts for something more interesting than slim black trousers and goes for black culottes instead. 

She's not just about darker colours—Meghan's a big fan of red too. 

Similar to the look she wore out in Nottingham, this dress gives the impression that there's another layer peeking out underneath without being risqué. 

Another skirt to add to the collection (can you sense a theme?).

Finally, every royal knows that no outfit is complete without a chic coat. This is one we've had our eye on for some time. 

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