The Netflix Show Meghan's Taking Style Advice From—No, It's Not Suits

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are visiting Ireland this week, and looking at the pictures of Meghan Markle is giving the Who What Wear team flashbacks to past Netflix binges. No, we aren't talking about Suits. Meghan has packed a wardrobe of classic workwear staples, including pencil skirts, pointed court shoes, large structured totes and suits for her first official tour as a royal. She's also stuck to a corporate colour palette, wearing forest green, taupe and black.

It looks like she's taken direct inspiration from Claire Underwood in House of Cards for this business look. This character has become the poster woman for a polished working wardrobe. The stylist behind Underwood's look, Kemal Harris, explained to The Telegraph how she looks so put together: "What works for Claire is that she knows what makes her feel powerful: a pencil skirt, heels, blazer and a blouse."