Meghan Markle's Birthday Gift List*


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Meghan—like many of us this summer—will be spending her birthday celebrating someone else's big day. This Saturday, the royal crew will reportedly be heading to the countryside to be a part of the nuptials between Prince Harry's groomsman, Charlie van Straubenzee and his soon-to-be-wife and videographer Daisy Jenks.

Having had her own, rather large, wedding this year, we're sure she doesn't find forgoing a few celebratory moments for her 37th birthday. However, we would hope that the newlyweds might have other plans up their sleeves for a belated 'do (maybe another trip to Botswana?), and we're certain that the dashing prince has some thoughtful gifting ideas up his regal sleeves. Judging from the heirloom aquamarine ring Harry passed from his mother, Diana, to Meghan on their wedding day, we know this is a boy who puts some effort into his gifting strategy—no last-minute Interflora fluff-ups here, thanks.

With such thoughts fresh in our minds, we admit to getting carried away and generating our own (entirely imaginary and speculative) gift wish list. If we were Meghan (one can dream), then the following lovely things would be jotted down well in advance, left open in browsers on one's laptop, and perhaps accidentally send over as e-commerce shopping links to the family Whatsapp group. Whoops!

Keep reading for Meghan Markle's birthday gift list, as imagined by our editors.

1. A big smooch


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As J.Lo once famously said, "my love don't cost a thing." We are certain that Meghan isn't the grabby, greedy, materialistic type, so the first order of the birthday proceedings will surely revolve around a big ol' smacker of a kiss from H.

2. The coolest macaroons ever

Charlotte Olympia has collaborated with Ladurée to create the most fashionable macaroons and tea blend you've probably ever seen. The collection doesn't drop until August 29, but we would assume Hazza could pull some strings. Maybe she could even share the loose tea leaves with HRH, as they appear to get on so jolly well.

3. A pony


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Dreaming of a being a duchess or princess someday? Then you'll have probably imagined the pony to boot. Okay, maybe you didn't imagine it'd be a Shetland wearing the same tartan coat as you, but we know she's in this for the laughs as well as the love.

4. A lifetime's supply of Aquazzura shoes

Striding ahead as Meghan's most-worn shoe brand, we'd say it's a safe bet to just keep buying her more and more from Aquazzura. In public, she tends to wear nude courts, but we'd imagine these sassy little numbers would be perfect off-duty party attire.

5. A watch (to go with the wedding jewellery, obvi)

As Meghan's wedding and engagement rings are silver, it makes complete sense to get a watch to match ASAP. This Cartier classic will be forever in fashion and isn't as expensive as some styles… Pleeeease?

6. Anything from Givenchy

Since designing Meghan's wedding dress, Givenchy has been favoured by the new royal on multiple occasions. It's tricky buying clothes for people, so we'd recommend a crossbody bag in a plain colour because the lady does love a crossbody bag in a plain colour.

7. A charity donation


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Being thoroughly modern royals, Harry and Meghan urged well-wishers to donate to charity rather than shower them with material goods and treats on their wedding day. You can see the list of their chosen funds and associations here.

8. A super-exclusive, romantic, outdoorsy getaway that isn't too showy


Canopy & Stars

Everyone loves being treated to a romantic break, right? And these two haven't exactly had the most private 2018 thus far. So we'd recommend that Harry checks out this insanely cool Norwegian tree hotel. There's a huge hammock for stargazing, plus minimalist rooms (we know Meghan isn't one for pomp and fuss), husky-drawn sleds, a wood-fired sauna and so much more.

Book 7th Room on Canopy & Stars for £1222 per night.

9. A royal wedding mug

Oh, how they chuckled in bed together drinking coffee from their very own royal wedding mugs.

10. A seat between The Queen and The Fashion Queen at LFW


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One does likes fashion! Okay, you can't buy someone a seat at LFW (as far as we know), but we'd love for this to happen.

11. A seat that no one else is allowed to sit on

Preferably a Louis XV chaise longue. And preferably with a Kindle and a flake and nothing/no-one else. Ta.

If only we knew… What we do know is her handbag collection inside and out though.