25 Beautiful Ways to Style a Grown-Out Bob

Every year, without fail, I get an urge to wear super-long extensions. Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to grow my hair longer than chest length myself, but I love to clip in extra length every now and again. However, despite my slight reliance on extensions, I always come back to medium-length bob hairstyles. This length is so easy to manage and suits most face shapes and hair textures too. It’s no wonder the length is so popular.



I think because it’s such an easy-to-wear length, I forget how fun it is to style and play with. I usually plait my hair before bed, unravel for light waves in the morning, and that’s it. So I trawled the web for some style inspiration to revive my love for my bob, and I was not disappointed. Here are the best styles to try right now.

Sleek and Straight



If you have a blunt cut without layers, this is a chic and simple way to wear your bob. It never goes out of style.

Matte Texture



Finer hair types will love a spritz of dry texturizing spray root to tip for volume and hold.

Half-Up, Half-Down



If you have longer layers that are grown out compared to the top layers, a half-up, half-down style is super cute, and the bow completes the look.

Shine Galore



Load on heat protector pre-straightening and then mist with shine spray for a glossy finish.




A slicked-back look can still have a little movement and body to it like April's does. Use a small amount of light-hold gel and a medium-density brush to create the look.

Space Buns



A fun, fuss-free style for all textures but curly and coily hair types, as the buns are super full when brushed and puffed out.

Beret Lovely



Why do berets look so great with a bob? If you have a fringe too, it’s honestly just *chef’s kiss.*

Scrunched Up

Scrunchies aren't just for long hair with loads of texture. Bundle up your bob in a neutral scrunchie for a laid-back but luxe look.

Side Sweep



A petition to reclaim the side part as the go-to parting. It looks particularly great with a sleek bob.

Bouncy Tendrils



Lacking definition with your front layers? A tool like the GHD Thin Wand will give you the bouncy curl you want to finish this look.

Flicked Out



Flicking the ends of your bob up instead of under is a fun way of styling that’s simple but will require a lot of product. Holding spray, a round brush and large rollers are musts for this look.

Tendril Twists



Twists add a twist to the tendril trend. If your hair is layered, you should be able to plait/twist to the end and use gel to secure, but if you have a blunt cut, you’ll need clear elastics at the end.

Claw Galore



Yes, claw clips are still in and very practical for medium-length bobs when creating an updo.

Glossy Volume



For bouncy, voluminous hair like Isabelle’s, keep a blow-dry brush on hand. It’ll give that aerated feel while achieving a smooth and glossy look.

Glam Grunge



Growing out a bob is made even better by growing out a curtain fringe.

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Curls



Setting your curls with a strong-hold gel and then scrunching out the cast will leave them soft but uniform.

Beautiful Bevel



Bevelled waves never go out of style. If you use a waver, brush out the bottom layer for volume, as the way wavers clamp ca make the hair look a bit flattened.

Beachy Sheen



I definitely find that using a straightener to create beachy waves achieves this high-gloss finish more than when I use a tong. This comes from smoothing down the cuticle as you style. Add a touch of light oil at the ends for extra sheen.

The Easy Sunday Bun



Keeping the bun simple, accentuate the style with a smooth fringe and tendrils.

Perfect Pigtails



Pigtails are back, along with every other Y2K style. Bobble accessories optional.

Washday Bun



I call this a washday bun because you can step out in your pre-wash treatment on your hair washday, let it marinate and still look super chic.

Healthy Sheen



Healthy hair is ultimately the chicest hair. Keep up your treatments and trims for a blunt cut like this to have movement and a natural sheen.

Fluffy Curls



The enviable texture of fluffy curls works at any length, but bobs look extra stylish.  

Go-To Lengths



Ombréd hair that’s cut into a medium-length bob gets a new lease on life. For this look, add texture through the lengths by picking up pieces and spritzing, but avoid touching the root.

Halo of Hair



Even if you have finer curls or coils, you can achieve volume on bob-length texture by using an afro comb and teasing out the root. Keep the shape by getting a curl-by-curl cut.

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