Happy Mean Girls Appreciation Day, Everyone!

1. It's October 3, which means it's Annual Mean Girls Appreciation Day! Celebrate with the 20 funniest quotes from the iconic movie. [E! Online]

2. More images from Amal Alamuddin's wedding to George Clooney are here! [Vanity Fair Italia]

3. The best part of fall fashion? The return of trendy sweatpants, duh. [HuffPo]

4. Awesome: Designer Tory Burch is putting some of her covetable art collection up for auction. [Domaine]

5. Guess discovered its latest bombshell model through Instagram. [Fashionista]

6. This sounds crazy, but you can actually use your everyday razor to combat ageing. Find out how. [Byrdie]

7. Because she can, Tyra Banks invented entirely new words to describe the awesomeness of her new beauty line. [Racked]

8. Rumour has it Kendall Jenner is in the running to become the next Victoria's Secret Angel. [Harper's Bazaar]

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