If You’re Looking for a Forever Coat, This One Is Always a Wise Investment

There's no doubt that the world of fashion is prone to more than just a bit of hyperbole. You're "obsessed" or "in love" with a particular item. Everything is "fabulous," "chic" or "iconic." In truth, while you probably do love that fuchsia bejewelled headband right then and there, its lasting wardrobe potential is quite minimal (sorry, Blair Waldorf). But there are a few pieces that make the cut and deserve all the above over-the-top descriptions lobbied at them. One such item (or rather items) are the coats Max Mara designs for women.

The Italian fashion house has created a long list of coats that really can only be described as iconic. Not only is the classic camel colour flattering for all skin tones, but the shapes are also designed to flatter women's bodies. There are three, in particular, that are repeated every season by the brand, and it's easy to see why. First up, there's the 101801 Icon coat. Double-breasted and calf-length with wide lapels, it's the sort of coat that you would wear to work and nights out. (But you can still manage to look put together even if you threw it over your pyjamas as you dash out to the corner shop to grab a pint of milk.)

max mara coat: teddy coat on a street styler



Then there's the teddy-bear coat (pictured above), which, although was only created in 2013, has already gained cult status. It's the oversized sumptuous nature of this coat that has given it such a great reputation.

Finally, there's the Manuela, which is probably the most recognisable of the three; this one's a more elegant silhouette thanks to the belt. It was created in 1998, and 21 years later, it's still one of the most popular coats among fashion editors.

But today there are plenty of other incredible coats to choose from, so I decided to ask my colleagues which Max Mara coat is the one they love the most. Below, you'll see which piece they'd shop now. Keep scrolling to see the ultimate Max Mara coats selection for women—I'm obsessed with them all.

The Editors' Favourite Max Mara Coats

max mara coat: elinor block chooses her favourite



Okay, I'm not going to sell a body part to own one of these coats, but this could make me want to sell all my other clothes just to own it. There's something so glamorous about this coat, and I just know that the moment I put it on, I'd feel great too.

max mara coat: hannah almassi chooses her favourite



"As this is a timeless trend, I'd take it as an opportunity to buy a luxe piece secondhand or vintage. They are built to last, and I particularly love the styles that feel more '70s anyway!"

max mara coat: emma spedding chooses her favourite



"It is super-snuggly, luxurious and is a fashion-girl version of wearing a duvet out of the house. The ultimate coat purchase."

max mara coat: joy montgomery chooses her favourite



"When it comes to winter coats, you can't get much more classic than a Max Mara. The brand has always existed as a sort of 'ultimate' in my mind and is up there with Chanel tweed jackets and Hermès Birkin bags. It's the sort of thing I always say I'd buy if I won the lottery (a girl can dream). It will look so chic with my favourite autumnal staples."

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

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