The Chicest Over-50 Influencers Just Told Me Their One Go-To Outfit

Finding the one fail-safe outfit formula that hits the mark in terms of aesthetic and fit is the fashion girl's holy grail. Even the most experimental individuals can't deny the power of a "uniform," whether it's for work or low-effort weekend dressing. It shows that you know what works for you, and while trends may come and go, some pieces will look just as good now as they will in five years' time.

For most people, this level of style confidence takes time to figure out, and there's generally a teething period in your teens and 20s that involves trying out different fashion personas. So when we're thinking about where to look for winning outfit formulas, it makes sense to head over to the ever-growing collective of over-50 fashion influencers.

From Alyson Walsh's utility chic to Sophie Fontanel's eclectic love of vintage, there are so many fab women out there to help us on our way to style success. I got in touch with the five over-50 fashion influencers that inspire my style on a daily basis to find out what outfits they turn to day in and day out. Scroll down to see what they said.

Alyson Walsh: "I'm a bit of an all-in-one obsessive. They're great with trainers and a striped T-shirt for running around in."

Renata Jazdzyk: "You can't go wrong with a high-quality white shirt, good tailored trousers and heels."

Jan de Villeneuve: "Either a suit (preferably with a skirt) or a skirt-blouse–and-jacket pairing, maybe with a cardigan if it's cold."

Sophie Fontanel: "I always go for a black tuxedo jacket with wide-leg trousers and a pussy-bow silk blouse."

Mette Andersen: "My favourite outfit is a pair of black leather trousers, a white T-shirt, and sneakers or heels."

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