10 Items I Never Regretted Buying for My Maternity Wardrobe

When people say that hindsight is a wonderful thing, I think they're referring to maternity capsule wardrobes. While I have a 2-year-old, so some time has passed since I was pregnant, I still remember agonising over what to wear and buying pieces that I couldn't get much wear out of as my waistline expanded. (Sequin trousers, I'm looking at you.) I can tell you now with confidence that there are a few things you will probably regret buying when pregnant, and then there are pieces you'll wear way beyond pregnancy. But my one rule is pretty simple when it comes to a maternity wardrobe: Try to find pieces you'll be able to wear now and in the future sans bump. Also, it's worth bearing in mind that while a knitted dress (or three) are very useful when pregnant, they're not so handy if you're breastfeeding.

maternity capsule wardrobe: aude julie



That said, investing in lots of easy-to-pull-up or -down tops, as well as a few pairs of trousers you can hold on to, is a good idea too. Despite what Instagram shows us, most people don't "bounce back" from having a baby, and it's worth noting that your wardrobe post-baby will probably be a mishmash of things you wore during pregnancy and before. With all of that in mind, I've given a list below of pieces that you'll wear during pregnancy, once your baby is born and even when they're little people wiping yoghurt all over you. Keep scrolling for the 10 items I never regretted buying. 

1. Knitted Dresses

I have two knitted dresses I still wear that you'd never know I wore during pregnancy. One is from Topshop and not maternity, and the other is a maternity-specific dress from ASOS.

2. Down Coat

Nine months is a long time, so chances are, at some point, you'll need a decent puffer coat. It is essential for any wardrobe, to be honest. 

3. Black Roll-Neck

If I had to pick out one item from my pregnancy wardrobe, then it would be the stretchy black roll-neck. I nabbed a Ganni one in the sale just as I was hitting my 18th week, and it has been brilliant. From covering my growing bump to layering under dresses during the winter, this isn't just a staple for your maternity wardrobe but for your "normal" wardrobe too. 

4. A Slip Skirt

I love a good midi skirt, and my favourite has to be a satin one. For a growing bump, find one with an elasticated waist. It's ideal for breastfeeding too. 

5. Comfortable Sandals

More power to you if you can wear heels during pregnancy, but if you feel like you just need something comfy and supportive, a pair of chunky sandals is ideal. It's worth getting them in a half size bigger as your feet can expand during pregnancy (and might even remain that size once you've given birth). 

6. Elasticated-Waist Trousers

Leggings are great and everything (especially towards then end), but they're not always good for making you feel your best. So then, look to more tailored joggers or elasticated-waist leather trousers. 

7. Oversized Blazer

I don't need to tell you that your body is going to change during pregnancy, and you'll probably start to notice that some of the clothes that fit you before no longer reach around the middle. My stellar blazer collection suddenly didn't want to fit, not just around the middle but around my arms too. With that in mind, it's worth investing in an oversize blazer. It'll fit you when pregnant and then be oversize when you're not. 

8. Non-Wire Bra

When you're pregnant, it's advised to wear bras that aren't underwired. I would always go to trusty M&S for a bra like this. It's also worth opting for something budget-friendly, as your bust size might change a lot during pregnancy and then again post-birth. 

9. Oversize Shirt

Whether the classic white or striped or anything else, the oversize shirt is your friend. Wear with leggings (and with chunky sandals) when pregnant and then belt when not.

10. Maternity Jeans

If you like jeans, then there's no escaping the fact that you'll want to invest in a decent pair, and yes, they will have to be maternity ones. I lived in Paige's maternity jeans, but there are some other brilliant options around.