Matching Shoes and Clutch Bags: It's Not Just for Kate Middleton

When the wedding season arrives, there's always a scramble for the guests to find the best dresses, but let's not forget the outfit job isn't done until accessories have been carefully put in place. With the wrong bag and/or shoes, even the loveliest frock can be ruined in a flash. Sometimes the art of carefully mismatching your extras can be too much hassle (honestly, who has time?), which is why we're not-so-secretly into the idea of co-ordinating them.

Yes, it all sounds very Duchess of Cambridge to attend formal events wearing an exact colour-match in both shoes and clutch bag, but bear with us. Mansur Gavriel's latest campaign features many of these pairings made in heaven—and who wouldn't want a pink half-moon clutch to go with their pink mules? Exactly.

Dolce & Gabbana have also taken this tack with their S/S 16 runway, albeit slightly less minimalist, and on the streets it's become a sure-fire way to pack a colourful punch—pick one hue, do it head to toe and you've discovered a very impactful look that requires minimal effort.

Keep reading to see the matching shoe and clutch bag combinations you can be inspired by and then shop!

On the Streets


Style du Monde

On Tiffany Hsu: Self-Portrait dress; Loewe clutch.


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Mansur Gavriel Spring Summer 2016

On the Runway


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Dolce & Gabbana S/S 16

Go through the gallery to shop the best matching clutch and shoe combinations…

The Matching Shoes:

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