I Looked Through 3947 Items in the Matches Sale—These Are My Favourites

MatchesFashion just launched its midseason sale, with 30% off many of our most-loved brands such as Shrimps, Ganni and Self-Portrait. It currently has 3947 items listed under this offer, which translates into hours of pressing "Next Page" if you wanted to look through it all. We have combed through all of the shoes, dresses, accessories and more to bring you a concise edit of the best offers we saw.

Our main shopping advice is always to buy things that will fit within your own wardrobe, love for years (it's best to avoid fads) and will actually wear. Simple, we know, but this advice is more important when shopping in the sales. Instead of focusing on the reductions and what a great deal something is, it's more important to consider whether this is something that is actually missing from your wardrobe.



In the sale, we've found lots of classic items that will act as building blocks in your wardrobe, such as Emma Willis shirts and Alighieri necklaces. With weddings and holidays on-hold, there's notably more formal dresses and new-in bikinis in the sale than usual for this time of year. Many people in the industry use the sales primarily to buy things for the next year, rather than shopping for the season we're in. Highlights include a Self-Portrait powder-blue midi dress, Shrimps' cult pearl hair clips and straw hats from the new brand Avenue the Label. To receive the discount, just enter code MID30 at checkout.