You Might Soon Be Able to Use Your Selfie Instead of Actual Money

In what is perhaps the most poignant sign of modern times, credit card company MasterCard is going to start testing "Selfie Pay," which is just what it sounds like: a program that lets you pay for things using a selfie.

Before you go judging the absurdity of it all too quickly, there's a fairly valid reason behind the idea, according to Business Insider, and that's to verify the identities of people making purchases using their phones. 

"If you're buying something on your smartphone, MasterCard makes sure it's really you and not a fraud by looking at a quick snap taken on your phone and mapping it against a stored image of you MasterCard will have on file," Business Insider reports.

According to MasterCard, so far the selfie-based technology is only being tested in First Tech Federal Credit Union—but we fully expect an endorsement from the entire Kardashian family soon. Keep scrolling to see some of the items we'd love to buy with our selfies now!