Are You Surprised by Mary-Kate Olsen's Footwear Choice?

As we pointed out yesterday, if there’s one sandal style Vogue thinks you should never wear, it’s flip-flops. The iconic magazine has dubbed the summertime shoe as a “fashion don’t” in the footwear department. So, leave it to Mary-Kate Olsen to break this style “rule” and step out in a pair of flip-flops, which she did earlier this month. Thanks to Olsens Anonymous, we spotted MK wearing the very casual sandals with a very business look while out in NYC. We can’t say we’re too surprised Mary-Kate is ditching the anti–flip-flops movement; this isn’t the first time she’s worn a footwear style before it was “cool.” Case in point: Birkenstocks. The Olsen twins were certainly ahead of that trend. So, is that the case with flip-flops?

Scroll down to see the photo and let us know what you think about flip-flops in the comments below!