Mary-Kate Olsen Wants You to See This Fashion Film

In a new interview with the South China Morning Post, the Olsen twins open up about everything from breaking into the fashion industry (“We wanted to see if we could sell without a label that people knew”) to why their pieces for The Row are so expensive (“It’s about the quality, the fabric”). And, like most super successful people, they admit to being total perfectionists.

In response to this confession, the author asks the twins if they’ve seen Dior & I, the much-hyped documentary surrounding Raf Simons’s first collection for the house of Dior. Simons, after all, is a notorious perfectionist himself. It turns out that Mary-Kate is a huge fan of the film and, ever since seeing it on an aeroplane, has been urging Ashley to watch it. “I told her about it,” Mary-Kate explains. “Raf is amazing, the team is amazing.” And echoing the theme of the movie, which focuses heavily on the team working with Simons to create his couture confections, she concludes, “It’s always about the atelier.”

Well, there you have it—if you’re looking to brush up on your fashion knowledge and want to do so in an Olsen-approved way, then downloading Dior & I should be your next move!

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