Everyone I Know Is Pleased That This Shoe Trend Is Happening

When Chanel dedicates an entire section on their website to a specific shoe style (in this case, it's Mary Janes), then you know things are about to get serious. I last wrote about MJs back in 2017, when they had been given a decadent overhaul by the likes of Miu Miu and Prada with glitzy buckles and plenty of embellishment. For the next wave you'll find they are an altogether more reserved shoe—plain in colour and finish, often with a lower, dolly-ish heel and, if you're after that Scandi vibe, worn with colourful or white tights.

The Mary Janes of 2019 definitely play into the current naive mood—a perfect addition to the smock dresses, hair clips and sweet colours we've seen over Instagram lately.