Martha Stewart Finally Commented on Blake Lively's Preserve Site

You might say that without Martha Stewart, the widely considered queen of all lifestyle brands, there would be no Blake Lively and Preserve, Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop, Reese Witherspoon and Draper James, or even Jessica Alba and The Honest Company. Stewart has paved the way for all these ladies (and more) to make their own forays into the wild word of lifestyle curation. 

So it stands to reason that Stewart has her own opinions on what all those women have doneand she recently talked to Us Weeklyopening up for the first time about those opinions. 

"I think Blake has done a good job with her site. It's an interesting site—kind of an interesting product on it," Stewart says. And Lively's site isn't the only one she finds "interesting."

"Gwyneth is developing her site too. I looked at some of her product the other day; I thought it was interesting," Stewart says. Interesting, indeed.

Now, it's entirely possible that Stewart is being honest here and that she genuinely finds the offerings of both ladies interesting. Or maybe she's just being politically correct by choosing such an innocuous descriptor for her responses. Or, just maybe, the ever-crafty Stewart is ever-so-slightly digging at Lively's and Paltrow's sites. 

What do you think of Stewart's comments about Preserve and Goop? Sound off in the comments, and shop some of our favourite Preserve items below!

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