All the VS Angels Wear Their Underwear Like This (and You Probably Don't)

We may never be able to emulate the glamorous lives of Victoria's Secret Angels, but we can start wearing our underwear like them. (Hey, it's a start.) There's one specific trend they all swear by right now, and Martha Hunt was kind enough to fill us in. We caught up with her in Los Angeles last night, where she was celebrating the launch of the newest Body by Victoria collection that features bras with three lining levels: Nothing, Something, Everything.

"To be totally honest, the most popular underwear trend is wearing our pants really high," Hunt told Who What Wear of the Angels. "I see the pants line going higher and higher. I think the trend is really in right now: the '80s cut riding way over your hips. The stylist's hand comes to push it down on set, and the model pushes it up higher when she walks off set. That's the ongoing trend amongst the VS girls." Easy enough to emulate, right?

Scroll through to see (and shop) more of our favourite unlined bras.

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