I've Bought Underwear From This Store Since I Was 12 (and Will Until I'm 82)

Finding the perfect bra is no mean feat, particularly when you’re a size 32G like me. That said, there’s one brand that I’ve been able to rely on throughout my life. I was 12 when I bought my first bra (and no, not a soft bralette—I mean the real deal, with underwire, thick straps, the lot). And, 18 years on, I still shop in the same store each time my lingerie drawer can do with an update. Of course, I’m talking about Marks & Spencer.

Marks & Spencer Underwear: Charlotte Kuhrt wears a teal lingerie set



I’m sure many of you will also reminisce about your first underwear purchase from Marks & Spencer. For us Brits, buying a set of smalls from Marks Spencer is practically a rite of passage. However, if you have migrated to other underwear brands throughout the years (there are of course so many other great, affordable lingerie brands), I’m here to tell you that Marks & Spencer's underwear is worthy of your attention once again.

I truly believe that its core collection (as well as its DD+ range and plus-size bras) have never looked stronger. In fact, it ticks off all the top lingerie trends and kick-starts a few of its own, too. You deserve a treat, so keep scrolling to shop the best Marks & Spencer underwear, pleasingly categorised by trend.  


Bold, bright colours have been prevalent on the fashion scene this season, and now M&S has taken the trend to lingerie too. These punchy hues are made to be noticed so best worn underneath a tastefully unbuttoned satin blouse. 



Lingerie has been given luxury treatment in the slinkiest fabric going in gorgeous jewel tones. When your bra and briefs look this good, you'll be forgiven for wanting to show your smalls off at every given opportunity. 


While triangle bras are still proving popular, longline silhouettes are also high on Marks & Spencer’s underwear agenda. In many instances, they offer more support to fuller busts while soft-cup styles will look particularly pretty layered under wrap blouses and cashmere cardigans. 


A lingerie trend that we can have some fun with, animal motifs are evident in Marks & Spencer’s new collection, with zebra, snake and leopard all making an appearance. 


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