M&S Lingerie Basics Are Still the Best Around—Who's With Me?

Did you know that reportedly one in four UK women buy their lingerie from M&S? I’ll be the first to admit I'm one of them and have been a loyal shopper ever since I tried on training bras there as a teen. Nowadays, I do have some other lingerie brands in my drawer, but when I need basics I can rely on, I still always find myself turning back to the high-street stalwart—and I know I’m not alone. 



After all these years, it remains the first brand that comes to mind for most of us when we need to update our comfortable everyday bras or find the best no-VPL pants for an upcoming wedding outfit. But it’s not just basic knickers and bras the store excels at. I’ve been known to slip everything from lacy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sets to shapewear and, more recently, sports bras into my trolley. Having worked as a stylist for almost a decade, I also still go there to top up my kit with solutions like strapless bras or tights for taking with me on photo shoots and fittings with clients.

So whether you’re a long-time fan looking for updates or an M&S-lingerie virgin, keep scrolling to find the five things I always stock up on from there.

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.