All Hail M&S: Still Our Favourite Place to Shop Lingerie Basics

Did you know that one in four UK women buy lingerie from M&S? And I'm the first to admit I'm one of them. While I certainly have other lingerie brands in my drawer, when I need basics I can rely on, I always turn to the high-street stalwart. Whether I need a comfortable new pair of pants or a decent bra that won't lose its shape immediately, I always find myself heading to that particular shop. But it's not just knickers and bras the store excels at—there are other lingerie drawer mainstays you'll want to purchase there as well, which is why I've outlined the seven items I always buy from M&S. From tights to shapewear as well as knickers, there's plenty you'll want to stock up on.




Underwear shopping made easy, no?