The M&S Leather Trousers That Have Been a Huge Hit With the Fashion Crowd

In the contemporary wardrobe, leather trousers are one of those wardrobe items that were previously considered statement items, reserved for the rock stars and Kate Mosses of the world (with the odd cameo from Ross from Friends). However, in recent years, they've settled into a more mainstream strata, embraced by brands at both ends of the fashion market. I mean, if someone had told fashion editors 20 years ago that M&S would create its own pair of faux-leather trousers and that the fashion crowd would snap them up, they probably wouldn't have believed you.

But here were are, and I have to admit that these £40 high-street faux-leather trousers present a good challenge to some designer iterations I've seen thanks to their perfect straight-leg and high-waisted fit. I've already seen this pair on the likes of Francesca Saffari and Karina from Style Idealist, who have styled them with everything from quilted jackets to striped knits. We can also attest to their warmth, which is honestly a godsend while we wait around for spring to arrive. 

I'm confident in saying that these are sure to be a wardrobe staple for many years to come. Ready to go? Scroll down to see M&S's perfect faux-leather trousers, and shop other trousers from the brand. 

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