M&S’s Leather Trousers Are Legendary—Now, They’re Back for Winter

In the wardrobe, leather trousers are one of those wardrobe items that were previously considered statement items, reserved for the rock stars and Kate Mosses of the world (with the odd cameo from Ross from Friends). However, in recent years, they've settled into a more mainstream strata, embraced by brands at both ends of the fashion market. I mean, if someone had told fashion editors 20 years ago that M&S would create its own pair of leather trousers—let alone 15 of them—and that the fashion crowd would snap them up, they probably wouldn't have believed you.

But here were are, and I have to say, M&S's leather trousers, both real and faux, are some of the best around. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Simple type "leather trousers in Marks & Spencer's search bar, hit return, and you'll be met with rows of pairs, each of which come with an overwhelming amount of five-star reviews. Scanning through some of them, there are a few things that serve to reason. 

Francesca Saffari wears a pair of faux leather trousers from Marks & Spencer.

Customers rave about the fit of M&S's leather trousers across the board. Many styles come in petite, regular and tall lengths, spanning sizes 6-24. Often, brands lag behind in diversifying their leather trouser offerings so, needless to say, M&S is a strong option if you're looking for a more bespoke fit for you. 

The cost is also more affordable than what you might find elsewhere, especially if you're opting for a faux pair. Even then, customers are applauding the fabric used to create the faux pairs; "it looks and feels so expensive!". Having seen them in store myself, I have to agree. 

The variety of cuts is also something to spotlight. Personally, I wouldn't consider owning leather trousers in a cigarette shape as I feel more confident in wide-leg pairs. You may feel differently, and that's okay! Because M&S has both... and everything in between. From straight-leg to cargo, black to bottle green, the brand serves up almost every iteration of leather trousers you can think of, making it a go-to destination for them. "I love my black pair so much I just bought the oxblood", says another reviewer. 

Karina Marriott wears a pair of leather trousers from Marks & Spencer.

I'm confident in saying that, if you invest in a pair, that they're sure to be a reliable staple in your wardrobe for many years to come. Ready to go? Scroll down to see M&S's leather trousers for winter. 

Shop Marks & Spencer Leather Trousers

Wear these with anything you'd ordinarily wear jeans with. 

This is a very chic (and easy!) outfit to re-create. 

Silver leather trousers are a huge trend this season—keep an eye out for restocks on this pair. 

The drawstring waist makes this pair of Marks & Spencer leather trousers especially comfortable. 

The disguised black metal hardware makes these trousers look extra sleek. 

Proof that leather trousers make for excellent partywear.