22 Marks and Spencer Homeware Buys That Look Ridiculously Expensive

I've recently just moved into a new home, and while I'm keen to put my own stamp on it, let's just say my budget is, well, virtually non-existent. With more pressing things to spend my money on—such as council tax and electricity—I've decided to shut down my Pinterest and instead, focus on the things I can afford: small but effective interior updates. After spending hours and hours searching for frugal homeware buys that don't look cheap (which is no small feat), there's one high-street store I keep circling back to: Marks and Spencer.

I've long shopped in Marks and Spencer for the likes of knitwear and lingerie, but now, I'm borderline obsessed with its interior offering, too. I hold a lot of confidence in M&S's quality, so even though many of the pieces that have made their way onto my wish list have low price tags, I know they'll go the distance.

From the perfect accent chair (undoubtedly my biggest splurge) to the £8 candle that rivals those four times as costly, keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best Marks and Spencer homeware buys.

This will look gorgeous even in the narrowest of hallways. 

This'll look lovely sitting on your stove, even when not in use. 

This will look elegant draped over a light linen sofa. 

If you don't have a garden, decorate your home with planters to introduce some green. 

This durable rug will work in just about any space. 

This will add texture and warmth to a minimal sofa. 

This will look so pretty sitting beside white bed linen. 

These look like they've just been plucked from a New York café. 

I'll be stashing toiletries or guest towels in this chic basket. 

The perfect green is hard to find, so don't let this cushion pass you buy. 

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