I'm a Candle Snob, But I'm Obsessed With These Marks and Spencer Candles

My name is Eleanor, and I'm an accidental candle snob. If you could take a peek into my home, you'd find Jo Malone candles mingling with Diptyque atop my fireplace, and Bella Freud and Boy Smells dotted around my flat. I'm lucky in my job as a beauty editor that I'll often receive new candles to test. However, I'm aware I have developed very expensive taste. While I might occasionally buy an expensive candle every now and then (I'll forever buy Diptyque's Noisetier candle, and I practically ration my Byredo Bibliotheque one), if I weren't in my line of work as a beauty journalist, I wouldn't have the money to burn on the really expensive candles. So I decided to find the best high-street candles that won't break the bank or compromise on filling a room with fragrance.

The thing I've found with the really cheap candles is that they just don't manage to do this.They might smell enticing in-store, but once lighted, they often fall flat and fail to deliver that "throw" that fills a room with its scent. Or I've been drawn in by a pretty candle vessel, but the contents just don't deliver. If you're looking for a good yet affordable candle, I recommend avoiding the cheapest candles out there and instead spending a little more to get something that fits the brief. I've recently discovered M&S's range of candles after popping into my local store for some Percy Pigs, and I have to say I think they meet this ideal middle ground—without breaking the bank.

The best Marks and Spencer candles



Marks and Spencer has a whole range of candles now that balance quality and affordability so well. In fact, some of the candles look way more expensive than their price tags might suggest. The vessels have that minimalist aesthetic that so many designer candles tap into, so you know they'll look amazing in your home too. Whether you're looking for an aromatherapy candle to soothe the senses or an affordable dupe of your favourite expensive candle, you won't be disappointed by these. Ahead, I've rounded up the best sellers and highest-rated candles from M&S—there's one for every room and mood.

The 11 Best Marks and Spencer Candles

The Apothecary range in M&S's candle offering is seriously chic—I'm obsessed with the opaque glass vessel and minimal labelling, which looks way more expensive than its £17 price tag would suggest. The Apothecary candles focus on scents and essential oils that bring a sense of balance and calm to both the room and your nervous system. Restore features geranium, cedarwood, eucalyptus and lavender for a grounding effect, and I can tell you that this candle really fills the room with scent. This vessel is ideal to use after you have finished the candle and can be repurposed to hold makeup brushes or to organise smaller items in your bathroom.

Another in the Apothecary range, this Tranquil candle aims to restore calm when you're feeling frazzled. Unlike sickly sweet candles that may induce a headache, this candle softly burns with notes of hemp seed, patchouli, balsam, mandarin and sandalwood, which provide an unobtrusive yet calming scent. 

When I want to set the tone for a great night's sleep, I reach for the Sleep candle in the Apothecary range to really unwind. It has an herbaceous scent of lavender, eucalyptus, vetiver, jasmine and chamomilen which create a calm mood. 

You only need to look at the several five-star reviews to know this candle is a winner. The fresh fragrance notes of lime and mandarin allude to a certain expensive candle brand, and it fills the room with fragrance. It has 40 hours of burn time, which is great for a £10 candle.

If you're looking for a candle to transport you to the beach, then this is the ultimate summer candle scent. Fresh white linen notes are paired with creamy lily, while musk and amber add an earthy edge. It's the next best thing to hopping on the plane.

If fruity fragrances are more your bag, then you can't go wrong with this dreamy candle. Pear blossom and melon are combined with jasmine and freesia in this fruity-floral scent, while sandalwood, amber and patchouli prevent it from being sickly sweet.

Not only is a three-wick candle for £15 a great buy, but the contents smell incredible too. Mimosa (a dry yet honeyed floral scent) pairs so well with creamy vanilla and sweet and nutty tonka bean. 

As someone who loves warm home scents, this is one of my personal favourites. This combination of dark orchid and musk make for the perfect autumnal candle. It's floral but slightly moodier with the creamy musk, earthy patchouli and warming amber notes. 

Green tea and fig are an unexpected match. The ripe fig scent adds a smooth sweetness, while the bitterness of the green tea cuts through. It also has amber and sandalwood notes that bring an expensive touch. 

This is one of the highest-rated candles from M&S. This aromatherapy candle features a rather expensive-looking vessel, which comes with a funnel that allows you to pour the melted oils onto your skin for a spa-like experience. Lavender, sweet orange and clary sage have a calming effect on the mind and body, so you can expect to feel totally zen while burning this candle and moisturising your skin.

This candle could easily pass as designer. This particular candle is designed to be used for outside soirées, but it would look equally chic placed on a dresser or atop a couple of coffee table books. The candle has a citronella scent that is citrussy and zesty. Citronella is also known to help keep insects at bay.