I Swear, Marks & Spencer's Bras Have Never Looked So Good

When it comes to bra shopping, I’ve always struggled. I was one of those girls who seemed to develop overnight. In primary school, I had to start wearing training bras, which my mum rushed out to pick up one evening from our local Asda. Fast-forward a couple of years and I was being fitted for my first ‘proper’ bra; naturally, the place to go for said fitting was Marks & Spencer.

I’m sure many of you will also reminisce about your first underwear purchase from Marks & Spencer. For us Brits, buying your briefs and bras Marks & Spencer is practically a rite of passage. Fast-forward nineteen years and many, many cup sizes later, and while I’ve tried other underwear brands throughout the years, I always come back to M&S to buy my bras. And right now, it’s bra offering looks better than I’ve ever seen it.



I truly believe that its core collection (as well as its DD+ range and plus-size bras, of which I’m well versed) have never looked stronger, more stylish, or more premium. Its ongoing edit with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just as beautiful as ever, with this season leaning towards a decadent ‘20s aesthetic, featuring delicate lace, pleating, and moulded cups.

The brand has also just unveiled a joyful boutique collection created with lingerie designer Damaris Evans, which boasts on-trend colour clashing, intricate embroidery, and an incredible colour palette. It’s a feast for the eyes, and is guaranteed to elevate your underwear drawer tenfold. Then, of course, there are the classic t-shirt and multiway bras of which I can’t survive without and never fail to disappoint.

You know, I think you deserve a treat. So keep scrolling to shop the best Marks & Spencer bras that I’ve handpicked for you. 

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