This Stylish Brazilian Star's Veil Is the Stuff of Wedding Dreams

As a bride planning her big day, there are so many aspects of the outfit to think about. Of course, there's the dress, but then there's the jewellery, the shoes, the accessories, and finally the veil. Well, if you're planning and deciding whether or not you want a veil, then maybe one recent bride's choice will help you make up your mind on how it should look.

Brazilian actress Marina Ruy Barbosa got married over the weekend to Brazilian race car driver Alexandre Sarnes Negrão. She wore the most stunning strapless gown from Dolce & Gabbana, especially created by the designers, plus a Cathedral veil that went all the way to the floor and trailed behind the bride. She also selected 14 bridesmaids for her big day who wore a range of different coloured pink gowns. Keep scrolling to see the veil in action, plus a few more fabulous snaps from the day.

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