Marie Kondo's 10-Step Guide to Making Smarter Shopping Choices

Chances are you’re familiar with Marie Kondo by now, the thirty-year-old decluttering queen from Japan who shot to fame stateside for her game-changing book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. With two million copies sold worldwide and a seemingly endless slew of articles about her unique organisation method, often referred to as “Kondo-ing, “ Kondo has seduced us all with her tips for a simpler lifestyle that results in less stuff and more joy.

So when The New Yorker recently spent the day with her at Anthropologie to receive a primer on mindful shopping, we were beyond thrilled! As ladies surrounded by the coolest new items on the market, it can be tough to reel in our spending habits and to know if we’re actually making smart choices. The items sitting in our closets untouched seem to indicate that our process needs work, and who better to guide us than Marie Kondo?

If you'd like to step up your shopping smarts, too, scroll down and find out what’s required!