The Hollywood A-Lister With Style We All Want to Copy

Some people can sum up their style in three simple words. "Athleisure for life," "'70s silhouettes only" or "Scandinavian-inspired minimalism," for example. But it's not so easy when it comes to Margot Robbie. Trust us—we've been paying attention.

One day the Aussie is embracing bohemian vibes, the next a mix of edgy separates. However, across the board, the results are feminine, simply assembled (no silly styling moves or excess jewellery, for example) and in a fairly neutral colour scheme—entirely approachable and easy enough for us to copy, yet still with oodles of Hollywood glamour thrown into the mix.

Her ability to keep us on our toes is quite impressive, but there's something so down-to-earth about the actress and producer—we feel like we could grab her for a pint in the local pub (and she'd probably share one of her favourite summer dresses with us). Ahead, we rounded up our favourite ensembles and the style tips that Robbie relies on for piecing together her enviable wardrobe.