All the Times Marc Jacobs Wore a Skirt Better Than I Do

Marc Jacobs is all over the news this week: First came the somewhat disheartening decision to fold Marc by Marc Jacobs into the designer's eponymous line, and then he (finally) got with the times and set up his own Instagram account

To pay homage the man of the hour, I thought I'd take a moment to honour one of his long-held titles as "the designer with the most obvious preference for wearing skirts." And here's the thing: He wears them (and dresses) very well. Better than I do. And better, I'd venture, than many women out there do. When you see Marc Jacobs in a skirt, you can't help but think, Yes, this makes sense.

Don't believe me? Keep scrolling to see all the times Marc Jacobs wore a skirt better than I do. You'll get what I'm talking about!