Confirmed: Marc by Marc Jacobs Will Shutter

Interesting news from the designer world today: After rumours swirled on Friday that Marc Jacobs' bridge line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, would shutter, the designer himself confirmed the news to WWDWhile the news that might sound sad at first, it's something that actually makes sense considering the current landscape of fashion, Jacobs says.

"The intention now is no different than when [my business partner] Robert [Duffy] and I started Marc by Marc Jacobs," Jacobs tells WWD“We believed that fashion could exist at lots of different prices. It could be flip-flops for $30, a well-priced T-shirt; there could be an honesty and integrity in different types of clothes."

Jacobs goes on to describe the way the fashion landscape has increasingly become a mix of high and low together, and that the separation of the two is becoming less relevant. 

"[Marc by Marc Jacobs] wasn’t supposed to be a second line or the poor-relative-of," the designer continues. "I’m sitting here in a $2,000 cashmere sweatshirt hoodie that we’ve made for 15 years, and Adidas track pants and a cotton shirt from American Apparel. I have a Prada fur coat upstairs; on a daily basis I will wear everything from American Apparel to Adidas to Marc Jacobs to Prada. I love that mix of things, that high and low, that rich and poor, all of those contrasts, the everyday and the extraordinary.”

His goal, he says, in folding the bridge line into his eponymous line is to achieve that mix more seamlessly—which, to us, makes a lot of sense. What do you think of Jacobs' decision? Sound off in the comments below!