You Can Now Shop Mansur Gavriel Online (Finally!)

In a move sure to have the entire fashion community breathing a collective sigh of relief (and probably saying "Finally!"), New York-based It-bag brand Mansur Gavriel has launched e-commerce. You will finally be able to shop their incredibly trendy, minimalistic leather bucket bags from the comfort of your own home.

Previously, the bags have been notoriously hard to come by. After street style stars the world over started toting them on their blogs and Instagram posts, they rocketed to insane levels of popularity, and many a fashion maven was begrudged to find herself added to a wait list to get her hands on one. 

A fun feature: the site allows you to choose the inside colour of your bag! The brand is known for their two-tone approach to bag design, with one colour on the inside and another on the external part of the tote. Choose from fire engine red to sky blue to a vivid metallic gold, with prices ranging from $400 to upwards of $600.

Those days are overhead to to start shopping right now. Bucket bags for everyone!

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